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Cancer free at the moment. Tamoxifin novice. Survivor of Breast Cancer Stage 3a 2 lumps, one ductual 1 inch each. 5 lymph nodes. Right side. Genetically negative. Double mascetomy. 28 lymph nodes removed on one side and five on the other. Barbie boobs of reconstruction style, couple of scars for decoration. Witness to evil. Witness to suffering. Witness to healing. Witness of peace. Seeker of peace and wisdom. 32 years young. My ego says, I'm a teacher, administrator in schooling, a mother of two lovlies of 2 and 4 years young-daughters no less,a wife, a sister, a friend, a motherless and fatherless daughter of many years, and a role model. My self says, I'm a survivor learning life every minute and seeing the beauty of it every minute, living hope.

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May 1, 2012


June 8, 1979

Cancer Info

Breast Cancer

Stage 3A

Grade 2







Research and Individual

consumes the mind

to live momentarily and enjoy thoroughly

to live momentarily and enjoy thoroughly

holisitic nutrition/exercise

not yet

Smillow Yale

walk, run, walk, run, yoga,...move your little toe...focus..get out of bed

do anything and everything that works for you

March 1, 2012

Self-discovered lump. Lots of migraines prior

got to do it, accept it, move forward each day, little by little

suffer to heal. stay mindful of what it means to be aware.

fatigue started when my radiation ended. sleep tight. you will wake when your bodys says so.

on-ward for five years.


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